Sustainability and Ethos

Brand Ethos

Harrier's vision is to use 100% NZ made natural materials sourced and manufactured in New Zealand. At the moment around 90% of the products are made using NZ leather and all of the beautiful pieces available on the website are manufactured in the Harrier workshop with little to no leather wastage. Our pieces are designed and crafted to be a cherished time piece that is passed down through the generations therefore notions like zips and cotton lining for the most part have been eliminated from the designs as they are the first to falter. For any issues that do occur with our products we offer an in-house repair service. 

The Dream

Harrier pieces will be proudly cultivated from our land, crafted by our people and cherished by the world.

Sustainability Network

Harrier is working on building a sustainability network of NZ upholsters, leather crafters etc who use NZ leather to decrease the amount of NZ leather wastage. Because we manufacture a range of products from small card holders to large bags we can use small offcuts to craft our products. We invite anyone who works with NZ leather to get in contact with us regarding their offcuts/unused leather pieces instead of sending them to landfill. 

Up-skilling For Our Future

With so much of NZ brand manufacturing and production going offshore valuable machinery and skills are being lost, leather craftsmanship is also becoming a dying art within our country. Here at the Harrier workshop we are determined to keep this valuable skill alive therefore all training, teaching, manufacturing and repairing is done in house to ensure our products are made to exact specifications and each product retains our unique Harrier charisma.